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deVere Europe offer expertise in UK pension transfer advice and the associated investment selection, tailored to each individual depending on their circumstances and future plans.

Planning for your retirement can sometimes be a daunting and confusing task, but it's a process that can be made easier with the help of deVere Europe’s expert advice. If you are planning to retire overseas, this can be particularly challenging when considering the true costs needed to support the desired lifestyle you would like to have during your retirement.

Taking the decision to retire in a foreign country also means that you have made the decision not to return to your home country. This may seem obvious but - perhaps unbeknown to you - this brings with it a wide range of international protection services and investment opportunities which you can make use of. There are many pension and retirement investment options available, and we can pick the most suitable for you.

If you have a UK defined benefit pension with limited flexibility or you have a group money purchase scheme with limited access to international funds, you may wish to consider a transfer to an international SIPP, or in limited circumstances, a QROPS.


A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a type of UK-government-recognised personal pension scheme which allows clients and their financial adviser to choose from a wide range of investments that match the member’s individual circumstances. Therefore, a client can freely choose how their money is invested. This can be hugely beneficial to some investors who want control of their pension -as most members of a company pension scheme have very little control and almost no idea where their pension money is invested. Also, with many of the UK's largest companies closing their final salary schemes to all members, a lot of individuals are now having to look at taking their pensions into their own hands.


A QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is a HMRC-recognised pension transfer scheme that is based in a jurisdiction outside the UK but still keeps the same standards or equivalent as a UK pension. The transfer can potentially be beneficial to you as an expat if you are retiring abroad as you may have much more access and growth to your UK pension than you expected. As a pension scheme, a QROPS allows you certain benefits in the country that you have decided to retire in that may well be more efficient and flexible than a UK pension.

By using professional services offered by deVere Europe, our specialist team of consultants can provide you with a personal plan tailored to your individual needs can yield a realistic income in your later years. Contact us today to see how we can help you plan for all of your retirement and pension planning needs.

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