Poland provided the United Nations with goods and services at an all-time high value of $71.71 million in 2022, compared to $4.86 million the year before, according to the development ministry.

The value of goods from Poland to the UN hit $50 million, whilst the value of supplied services reached $21 million last year, as per the ministry's statement on Monday. 

Food and beverages made up the largest group of commodities to the UN at $26 million, followed by $9.3 million in medical supplies, $7.4 million in medical services and $5.2 million in transport and logistics, The First News reports. 

The principal recipients in the UN of Polish goods and services were the World Food Programme with $30.3 million, UNICEF with $13.8 million and the World Health Organisation with $10.3 million. 

As per data from the ministry, Poland ranked 70th in terms of delivery values last year, compared to 158th in 2021. In addition, the number of Polish businesses registered within the UN system now stands at 1,080, compared to just 707 back in 2020. 

"Results published by the UN show that Polish companies have great potential for success in the global competition for public procurement," said Waldemar Buda, Poland's development and technology minister, in the statement.

He went on to add that 330 Polish businesses cooperated with the United Nations last year, compared to 92 in 2021.

"The successes that domestic companies achieve in UN tenders allow us to look with optimism at the participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the reconstruction of Ukraine," Buda added.

Deputy Development and technology minister Grzegorz Piechowiak said that over the last decade, "Polish supplies to the UN have been at the level of around $3-5 million, and now it is over $71 million.

"We will continue to intensively support our entrepreneurs in their activities abroad," he continued.

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